Walking and hiking tours:

You have a choice of easy walks or more challenging hikes. There are routes that satisfy all the hikers from expert mountaineers to families with children.

The ‘Presolana’ Mountain

Presolana is one of the few mountains in Lombardy composed of a limestone rock similar to dolomite and it’s also called ‘the queen of the Orobie’.

The top of the mountain is called Presolana Occidentale (Western Presolana) and has a maximum altitude of 2,521 m above sea level.

Trails suggested to visit the area:

  • to the Bivacco Clusone (mt. 2050 – trail 315) in 1h10
  • to Cappella Savina (mt. 2085 – trail 315) in 1h10
  • to Grotta dei Pagani (mt. 2259 - trail 315) in 1h40
  • to Passo Pozzera (mt. 2197 – trail 315) in 1h10
  • to Monte Visolo (mt. 2369 – trail 316) in 1h40
  • to Valle dell’Ombra in 1h00
  • to Baita Cornetto (mt. 1526) in 0h40
  • to Rifugio Albani (mt. 1939) in 3h00
  • to Rifugio Olmo (mt 1819) in 2h30
  • to the Estern Presolana (mt 2485) in 2h30




To walk or hike safely in the mountains it is helpful to:

  • check the weather forecast
  • choose itineraries in accordance with your physical preparation
  • wear hiking shoes and adequate clothing
  • bring with you a small backpack with extra clothes (t-shirt etc.. and an extra pair of socks)
  • take plenty of water with you (especially in summer!)
  • take a windbreaker (an anorak if necessary) and/or a waterproof poncho.

 And remember … Do not leave traces of your passage!!! Respect the local flora and fauna!!!